Boighor is committed to providing service smoothly without any hitches. It is an infrequent and rare case where users didn’t get a smooth reading experience all the way. But at times we may fail to fulfil your satisfaction and obstacles may occur. In that case, to ensure our credibility and your benefit ‘Boighor’ introduces a Refund Policy. This ‘Refund Policy’ is to help you get compensated under our specified policies.

Before requesting a refund, please review our ‘Refund Policy’ to ensure that you qualify for a refund.

Definitions and Key Terms

• To help explain things as clearly as possible in this Return & Refund Policy, every time any of these are referenced, are strictly defined as
• Company: when this policy mentions “Company,” “we,” “us,” or “our,” it refers to E. B. Solutions Limited as well as Boighor that is responsible for your information under this Refund Policy
• User: refers to the person that signs up to use the ‘Boighor’ service.
• Device: any internet-connected device such as a phone, tablet, computer or any other device that can be used to visit ‘Boighor’ and use the service.
• Service: refers to the service provided by ‘Boighor’ as described in the relative terms and on this platform.
• Website: Boighor’s website, which can be accessed via the specified URL
• You: a person or entity that is registered with ‘Boighor’ to use the service. 

Your Consent

By using our platform, registering an account, or making a purchase, you hereby consent to our “Refund Policy” and agree to its terms.

Refund Policy 

Available e-Book(s) & Audiobook(s) in Boighor are completely digital products. Users will not get any physical book for any purchase. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your order, you may request a refund as long as your purchase meets the following criteria:

• It is within 7 days from the purchase being made.
• Refunds for Book(s) are subject to verification and inspection by the Boighor team.
• Hitches or interruptions or damages due to internet connection or its manipulation or depletion will not be covered under our “Refund Policy”.
• If the e-Book(s) or Audiobook(s) you purchased from our website or app is at a discounted price or purchased on any promotional offer will be covered under our Refund Policy.
• Damages/Hitches of purchased e-Book(s) or Audiobook(s) due to bugs, app crash, other technical issues will be covered under our “Refund Policy”.

Boighor Pro Club 

• Boighor is not liable to provide any refund to users if they unsubscribe from the subscription package. Users are requested to check the pro club e-book & audiobook list before subscription.

Reasons for Refund

• If you fail to read or listen to the purchased e-Book(s) or Audiobook(s) in “Boighor” & “Boighor” fails to fix the damage or problem, You can claim a refund. “Boighor” team will revert back to you within 7 working days. If you’re eligible to get a refund it will be processed to your desired payment method within the mentioned time. In the case of international (outside Bangladesh) payments, it can take up to 30 working days.
• You can claim a refund if the e-Book(s) or Audiobook(s) are different from what you have seen before purchase. You can reach our team for further questions at or you can message our team at ( )
• Please note that “Boighor” or E. B. Solutions Limited is not obliged to refund the user’s money what he/she has paid if the criteria or eligibility is not matched to the “Refund Policy”.
• To avoid malpractices regarding refunds “Boighor” can also refuse to provide a refund without showing any reason.

Claim of Refund 

Contact “Boighor” team through the above-mentioned email or Facebook page of ‘Boighor’ with the details of user ID, purchase details, reason of claim & desired payment method to receive a refund. If you meet the eligibility the team will proceed with the further process and you will be informed. 

Changes to our Refund Policy

We can update, amend or make any changes to this document so that they accurately reflect our Service and Policies. Unless, otherwise, required by the specific entity, those changes will be prominently posted here. Then, if you continue to use the Service, you will be bound by the updated “Refund Policy.’ If you do not want to agree to this or any updated Refund Policy, you can delete your account and ‘Boighor’ reserves the right to delete your account if terms and policies are not followed.