Boighor is a smart e-book reader application; your ultimate e-book destination, introduced by E. B. Solutions Limited, developed for every payment gateways of Bangladesh and Stripe/Google Play Billing payment gateway for International users.

Key Features:

  • Boighor is a very user-friendly APP, that’s why anyone can access it very easily.
  • It is the largest digital library of Bangla e-book famous and new writers.
  • Anyone can buy and read e-books from Boighor from anywhere.
  • Lots of FREE e-books.
  • Large collection of euphonious audio books.
  • Contains exclusive e-books.
  • Users can follow their favorite authors and review books on app
  • Users’ can read the downloaded book when offline.
  • Never need to pay again to download deleted (premium/free) books.
  • The APP is designed with intelligent features.