Annoy's book comes in the form of a journal in which he writes detailed accounts of things that happened and the experiences he gathered while he was in Thailand. From the time the plane carrying them took off from the airport in Dhaka to the time they landed back at the city, Annoy has hardly missed an event or an experience worth describing.

Born on June, 2006, in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Annoy Mazhar is the younger son of Mazharul Islam, Editor of the fortnightly Anyadin, and the CEO of Anyaprokash and Tanzina Rahman Sharna. His elder brother's name is Amio. Currently Annoy is studying in the 7th grade of Sunnydale School in Dhaka. Annoy is a teenager who loves travelling, reading books, and learning other languages. Back in 2018, he had written a travel story on his Thailand trip. He has travelled to a lot of countries along with his family. He has even travelled to many destinations with the legendary writer Humayun Ahmed, whom he calls "Bubbo". Humayun Ahmeds' books contain many of Annoy's life events as a child, which Humayun had experienced himself.

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