If Haggard–one of the greatest adventure writers of all time–is remembered now, it is for his novels featuring Allan Quatermain, a hero whose exploits form the most important sequence of his books. Quatermain's life is chronicled in such novels as King Solomon's Mines, Allan Quatermain, She, and many others. However, despite the importance of the Quaterman books, many of Haggard's other novels are interesting in their own right. Nada the Lily is the first of four books about the Zulus, all of which are excellent. Eric Brighteyes is rich, fantasy-laden Icelandic saga. The World's Desire (written by Andrew Lang) is a fantasy about the characters in The Odyssey. And there are numerous other titles (many of them reprinted by Wildside Press as part of the Wildside Fantasy Classics series) that bring undeservingly lost Haggard books back into print. The Yellow Idol, originally published in 1908, is another of Haggard's African novels, and it features many elements of the region.

English writer Sir Henry Rider Haggard (KBE) was born in Bradenham, United Kingdom. He is most famous for his legendry character Allen Quatermain. he mostly wrote adventure fiction set in exotic locations, predominantly Africa, and a pioneer of the lost world literary and historical fiction genre. Apart from writing, he was also involved in agricultural reform throughout the British Empire. He married Mariana Louisa Margitson in 1880 and had 2 sons and five daughters with her.

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